This Data Protection and Privacy Policy is a binding legal document between Vantage Point Consulting Sdn Bhd (“Vantage”) and you, the user of this website, that explains the privacy practices of Vantage with respect to the information collected through this website.
Vantage adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and any relevant subsidiary legislation.
  1. Information we collect
    1. In using this website you may provide / may be asked to provide to Vantage certain information which is personal. This information will be in the possession and control of Vantage which relates directly or indirectly to you (or any other corporation or individual) to the extent that you (or the other corporation or individual) may be identified or identifiable from that information or from that combined with other information in the possession of Vantage (“Personal Data”);
    2. Personal Data which may be collected from you includes your name, address, telephone number, email address, or other information in which you can be identified or contacted with. In any such event, Vantage shall not be liable to you whether for loss of opportunity or any other loss or damage which you may suffer.
  2. How we use the information we collect
    1. Vantage may “process” the Personal Data by way of collecting, recording, holding, storing, downloading, copying, using or disclosing the Personal Data.
    2. Vantage may process the Personal Data to:
      1. contact you by email or telephone, with regards to your querries;
      2. detect, investigate and prevent fraudulent, prohibited or illegal activities;
      3. enforce the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use;
    3. Your Personal Data will be used for the purposes of replying to your enquiries, and may be used for purposes of market research, promotion and marketing by Vantage, its affiliates (including its parent, subsidiary, related and associated companies), or third party advertisers, both in general or customised based on the Personal Data processed. You may opt out of such promotion and marketing by notifying Vantage.
  3. Information Sharing
    1. The personal data information on this website may be shared with affiliates (including its parent, subsidiary, related and associated companies) or third parties of Vantage solely for purposes of market research and marketing (“Purpose”) and shall endeavour to ensure the confidentiality of the Personal Data.
    2. The personal data may also be shared with regulatory bodies or based of statutory obligations imposed by law from time to time.
  4. Links to third party
  5. While using this website you may be directed to websites that are beyond our control. This Policy does not extend to usage of such websites.
  6. Cookie Technology
    1. Vantage may use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve and personalise use of this website.
    2. The type of data collected by Vantage through the cookies or tracking technologies may include your IP address, date and time of visit of this website and to allow presentation of personalised version of this webite and for improvement.
    3. You may choose to delete or block the cookies by changing the settings on your computer or device. However, choosing to do so may reduce the functionality of this website, the quality and efficiency of delivery of the services or certain features of this website.
  7. How we protect personal information
  8. Vantage uses its best endeavours to protect your Personal Data via technology and policies. However, Vantage makes no guarantee that this website will be free from security breaches, especially due to unauthorised actions of third parties such as, but not limited to spoof attacks, session hacking, sniffing or tampering. Vantage shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage as a result of such actions.
  9. Accuracy of Personal Data
  10. Vantage aims to keep all Personal Data as accurate as possible. You may request access to and review your Personal Data via our customer service centre email address below. All requests which will be handled pursuant to Vantage standard process and the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.
  11. Updates to this Policy
  12. This Policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our personal information / personal data practices with respect to this website. We will indicate at the top of the notice when it was most recently updated.
In the event you require further clarification on the policy, please contact our customer service centre at [email protected] with your queries with regards to any country specific information required.