COVID-19 CEO’s Address

COVID-19 CEO’s Address

Dear VANTAGE partners,

During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, we are very concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers, and partners. Our hearts are with those who are personally affected by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as those who are impacted by the extreme measures to slow its spread.

We have been in the market for nearly 23 years. We are honoured by the trust you place in us to run your mission-critical business processes. Coming to the 3rd week of the Movement Control Order, we would like to update you with more information as to how we are securing our business and, in return, yours.

Company Assurance for Customers

VANTAGE business, support, and delivery teams have developed and documented Business Continuity Plans to respond to disruptive incidents, such as COVID-19, while safeguarding the health of our employees and minimizing the impact on the delivery of services to you.

We have put the following measures in place for all VANTAGE community members:

Working Remotely: For the majority of teams, work can be conducted through remote connections, which enables teams to work off-site for most tasks. Engineers and Consultants are working separately and remotely where possible to mitigate the risk of an entire team being infected. Employees who must be on-site are applying social distancing, hygiene protocols based on guidance from health authorities, and additional health and safety guidelines set by our clients.

Safety On-Site: Where on-site work is required (for example, working in a client’s office), staff who are on-site to accomplish specific tasks are spending only the contractually required time in said locations. In our office and data centres which are hosting some of our clients, VANTAGE has also sourced gloves and masks for the protection of our on-site technicians, if required.

  1. Disinfection Protocols: If required, we will engage authorised parties to perform disinfection to ensure that our working areas (office and data centre sites, where applicable) are as sterile as possible.
  2. Access: Access to the office and data centre sites are restricted to operational personnel only, following strict hygiene protocols.

For Application Maintenance and Support functions and our Project Delivery team, we have business continuity plans in place. All internal systems, tools, monitors, etc. are designed to allow for remote work. As for systems that are owned by our clients, we propose and encourage our clients to allow us remote access. In the event that said remote access cannot be granted, we will try to locate our Engineers and Consultants where applicable and needed, in line with the Government’s Movement Control Order guidelines.

In addition of leveraging on remote access technology, we are also utilising online tools such as GoToMeeting for teleconferencing, online meetings, and even sales demonstrations. We have already activated these measures with no disruption in service.

Business must continue and not be disrupted by the unprecedented occasion. Our platform app is designed to complement your SAP supply chain system. With, you can source for the right candidates for your strategic SAP projects and complete the engagement process till payment. Everything can be done online. It is well placed to position you to face the pandemic period, but also in the new norm moving ahead. For more information, kindly drop us an email at [email protected] or visit our platform,

We are committed to ensuring that this disruptive incident will have a minimal impact to your business and ours. We hope that these trying times will soon pass and business can run as usual. We thank you for your understanding and patience.



Rahim Osman

CEO, Vantage Point Consulting