New Year, New Career?

New Year, New Career?

Are you itching for new experiences or are looking to take a new step in your career? Nowadays, people often seek what they call “work-life balance”. Well, based on experience, there is no such thing as work-life balance. Life as we know it is not perfect. You just have to embrace the fact that, most of the times, life is chaotic. The best way to cope with all the mess in your life is to manage it well. Choosing the right work environment is key. Here are 5 considerations to take into account if you are planning to leave your current job.


Working hours

Work to live or live to work. Your choice. If your answer is the latter, then you can skip this article. You should at least have a decent amount of time (whatever that means) to do your own thing. Have time to chill with your friends, go for a quick 20mins run, or at least watch an episode of YOU on Netflix.



Are you being paid well or are you overworked and underpaid? Do some research on how much people are earning on average in the market. Do not under-price your skills, but do not overprice it either.



Passion alone does not pay the bills. Not everyone is privileged to work on something you are passionate about but hey, if passion comes with decent pay, you open that door.


Educational opportunities

Education is a lifelong journey, find a job that gives you the opportunity to learn new skills. Always find ways to upgrade yourself to be better. Go learn new things, because you may just stumble upon something different that you are good at.


Growth opportunities

Are you contributing positively to the company? Is the company compensating you for your efforts? If the answer is no…. then head over to to get a new job in SAP.


Article by Chut Iffa.