Automation in SAP Recruitment

Automation in SAP Recruitment

Automation in recruitment is long overdue. The long and tedious process of traditional recruitment must stop and must stop soon. In the fast-paced IT industry, SAP recruitment process is very old school. The traditional method of having an agency to source out consultants takes weeks, even months, to fit the project requirements.

With the rapid advancement of technology and the introduction of AI in recruitment especially on online platforms such as LinkedIn, Jobstreet, Glassdoor and the likes of it, SAP must not get left behind. Founder of, SAP’s most comprehensive recruitment platform, Rahim Osman, has said that SAP recruitment has been the same for the past 2 decades. A specialized service platform is definitely a necessity to fulfil market demands.

Based in Malaysia, caters to SAP recruitment globally, having clients from USA, Germany, Brunei, India, and Malaysia already signed up to be in the next big thing in SAP recruitment. Still in its infant stage, is taking SAP recruitment by storm garnering USD1.5 Million within its first 3 months of public release.

SAP recruitment is an intricate process in which many considerations must be taken into account before hiring the right candidate. PSERV360 filters out fake profiles through its verification and validation process. The system filters out candidates based on specific SAP requirements, has the ability to conduct interviews and manages the engagement process. With no hidden fee, PSERV360 facilitates payment on the platform with ease.